Want to Learn to Sew

Without a Sewing Machine?

How About Modern Hand Quilting ?

Slow Stitching is FUN for all ages!

Fits perfectly into the Minimalist & Sustainable Lifestyle's

Finish that Family Heirloom that is lingering in the closet, quickly finish a baby quilt or small project,

embellish mending to show it off to all.


What is Big Stitch you may ask?

It is a modern twist on an old fine craft simply called quilting.

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Hello! My name is Gretta Marlene Hurst. (Otherwise known a Ms. Gretta)

I'm so glad to have you here!

If you want to expand your creative abilities, you're in the right place.

Origin of the Art

  • Traditionally done with quilting thread , we now use beautiful threads of a much heavier weight. and a wide variety of colors. (12wt)

  • Big Stitch is done with a slender long big eyed needle

  • A thimble is used in this type of stitching . Worn on your middle finger of your dominate hand

  • Big Stitch is an art form that tends to offer therapeutic benefits to the sewist

  • You can start simple and increase complexity as your skill develops

Big Stitch is a new word coined for the modern take on an old art form. It's really only about 3 or 4 stitches an inch rather than the traditional 8 to 10 stitches an inch that my Grandmother could get. Thus we use a much longer needle. It has a bigger eye , due to the heavier thread we use. 12 weight it's called. We use Valdoni, Sulky Petits or Sue Spargos 12wt. It is so versatile! Simple straight lines, follow a decorative pattern or stitch out a story of your own.

Class Outline


Big Stitch




Make A Sandwich!


Knot or Not to Knot!


Stitchy Bee


Circles and Corners


Trimming Up


Bias Binding


Stitch Down Binding

Join Me Today In The Wonderful World Of Slow Stitchin'.

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